About Us


Calm Sunshine is a company focused on education and access to quality information and products that contain hemp / CBD.

This black female-owned business based in Santa Monica, California believes that natural relief can be achieved with CBD products (sans THC).

“Calm Sunshine is more than sharing about benefits of CBD use – it is a story about friendship, family, and creating good to do good.”



Dana Thompson


Sensei Dana Thompson is a martial arts expert. After a debilitating accident that resulted in chronic pain and immobility for months, she turned to CBD. CBD gave her tremendous relief and helped her get off the copious opioid prescriptions given to her by doctors. It also inspired her to learn more about the cannabis industry which resulted in Dana enrolling in Oaksterdam University wherein she completed their multiple certification programs. Oaksterdam is recognized as America’s first cannabis college. Though Dana is a CBD advocate, she is extremely knowledgeable about all things cannabis.

Jenny Mulligan

VP of Operations

Jenny Mulligan is a teacher dedicated to the educational aspects of Calm Sunshine. New to the Calm Sunshine team, she oversees the marketing programs and community outreach. A CBD user herself, Jenny appreciates the non-euphoric calming properties of CBD. She wants to ensure the community is properly educated about CBD with accurate and factual information.


The CBD gummies make me feel less anxious and stressed, which allows me to be a better wife, mother, and employee.  I don’t get as frustrated so quickly and I feel more productive.  Overall, I feel like I’m better at life!

Sara W.

The CBD gummies have done the impossible for a sleep deprived, anxiety ridden, working mom like myself.  It has relaxed my mind.

Karen S.

I suffer from plantar fasciitis in both feet and the more I work out, the worse it can get.  Each night I use the Freeze Roll-On on the bottom of my foot, the inside of my ankle and sometimes my calf and shins.  Within minutes my throbbing pain subsides and I’m no longer thinking about the pain while trying to sleep. 

I also take gummies every day which helps me handle stress and impacts my moos in a very positive way. I take a higher dosage of gummies a night to help me sleep.  Every hour feels like 5 hours of sleep!

Jenny M.