Welcome to Calm Sunshine

Welcome to Calm Sunshine

Dana and Donna, the founders of DD Plus Enterprises, LLC and the people behind this website, CALM SUNSHINE – welcome you!

Why are these two women talking about CBD? Simply, they both have experienced the benefits of CBD for pain management and wanted to share this knowledge and access to product with those who are suffering from conditions and looking for options from traditional avenues of pain relief.

They also know, through their own connections, that CBD is helping many of their friends who are having the aches and pains that come with aging. Simple tasks are not easy for some “mature folks” but CBD oils and creams have been discussed as remedies by individuals who have used CBD and shared with Dana and Donna.

While not medical professionals or healthcare experts – Dana and Donna do lead active lives and credit CBD for their ability to overcome several health obstacles that may have prevented them from doing so.

Dana and Donna want to connect with YOU! They believe that knowledge is power to making informed decisions about your health- that is why they offer FREE workshops to share information and answer questions.

Hopefully, CALM SUNSHINE will be a source of information for you and we suggest you keep checking back as this website grows! We have enlisted some experts/ ambassadors who are in the Lupus and other health fields to share their experiences and resources with you.


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